First Week of June at NCB

It has been a busy first week of June at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. On Tuesday morning, I arrived at my new office on the water in Hammerby Sjöstad. First thing on the docket was a meeting with Brewmaster Anders Wendler and Brewery Ambassador Steve Dippel. We hatched out a plan and schedule for my summer here at NCB and were off to the races.

Brooklyn Brewery and NCB had just finished hosting the Stockholm Mash, which went out with a bang on Sunday at NCB’s outdoor patio. After meeting the awesome NCB team in the kitchen, bar and brewery (and a fantastic lunch at the restaurant) I was ready for my first assignments. First things first – getting to know the details of the alcoholic beverage industry in Sweden. Learning about the inner workings of Systembolaget – the Swedish alcohol distributing monopoly – was crucial in understand the challenges that a young and growing craft brewery like NCB faces. These challenges range from winning awards in order to get more beer on more shelves in more stores to the strict alcohol advertising laws here in Sweden. All of these obstacles and more make growth of the brand and beer an exciting challenge for everyone in the brewery.

After understanding the big picture it’s just as important—if not more—to understand the NCB picture. I was handed the NCB brand plan and the graphic manual. The information enclosed was key to understanding how the brewery plans to grow while maintaining its craft beer quality and personality. Here at NCB – and Brooklyn Brewery for that matter – we’re not beer snobs. (Generous) Beer Geek might be a better fitting label. We are passionate and knowledgeable about (our) beer but we are also here to help people learn about our beer and beer in general so that they can appreciate and enjoy it even more. This is all part of the NCB plan. The brewery is just as passionate about its beer as it is its restaurant, community and customers. These are all things I knew and all things I can associate with but it was great to read all of this and more in these two documents.

On my second day, I travelled up to Carlsberg Sweden’s headquarters in Solna. Here, I joined Steve Dippel at an NCB Operational Meeting where we discussed, with our Carlsberg partners, the recent and expected trends for NCB as well as several ways to promote all of the aspects of NCB I just talked about above. Yesterday, this was followed up with a conference call with our colleagues back in Brooklyn. On this call the Co-Founder of Brooklyn Brewery, Steve Hindy, shared his thoughts and advice with some other members of the NCB and Brooklyn teams. The discussion focused on NCB’s cooperation with the locals with the goal of finding even more ways to engage the community and foster a true relationship. After all, NCB is a part of the Hammerby Sjöstad community. Brooklyn Brewery has long been an active member in the local Williamsburg community as well as the greater Brooklyn and New York City areas. Who better to brainstorm community engagement ideas with than the Brooklyn team and Steve Hindy?

It was a busy first few days at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. After the call, Steve and I, along with Haben Berhe, the Brooklyn Sweden Brand Ambassador, headed to Smaka På Stockholm (A Taste of Stockholm) in Kungsträdgården. Here, NCB and Brooklyn share a booth serving both NCB and Brooklyn beers on tap and in bottles and cans. These beers were enjoyed by many on the first day – from at 11am to 23:30 (Friday and Saturday too and till 22:00 on Sunday)! At our booth, lots of people enjoyed playing foosball and cornhole along with great music and food! Stop on by and join in on the fun sometime this weekend! Learn more about our beer and some future happenings at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet!


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