An Eventful Week at NCB

Last week was another full one at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. Most of last week was spent doing event planning in anticipation of our events that are around the corner after this weekend’s Midsommer holiday.

NCB has a lot of new customers this summer season so it is crucial to visit them and make sure that they have everything they need from coasters to tap handles and frog eyes. These simple and little things that increase visibility are vital to the rate of sales (ROS). Our new coasters have our social media handles as well and our address and a little blurb about the brewery to increase interest in the brewery.

One of our biggest tools we use to promote our beer and brand and increase ROS is the brewery itself! At each costumer visit we strongly encourage each member of the bar staff to visit the brewery to do a tour and tasting. Not only does this show we’re interested in our customers but it proves to them how passionate we truly are. We believe that if these bartenders come to the brewery for a tour and tasting they will become more knowledgable and passionate about our beer and where it comes from. This allows them to better recommend it to people with certain tastes and with the right dishes! In addition to visiting some of our new customers, we also deliver a few kegs directly from the brewery to certain customers who take beer very seriously. This ensures quality, accuracy and freshness.

To pay tribute to our (American) Brooklyn Brewery influence, we’re throwing a July 4th party which takes a lot of planning. From flyers, to Facebook invites, to an all-American playlist and decor like balloons and flags and even a proper hot dog distributor!

For Sweden’s Ölets Dag or National Beer Day we have gotten a local band to come and play and most excitingly we have arranged to have visiting pit-masters from Brooklyn’s partner Grillstock from the UK to join our restaurant crew. We even ordered a large custom smoker for the event that we will keep forever!

What has become most clear this week is the importance of detail and the little things that go into everything we do at NCB – from making sure that customers have everything they need to making sure that the events have everything they need to go as planned. Finally, it is truly a team effort here at NCB. Given the small operation but large tasks everyone is always busy with something and these things aren’t necessarily always a part of their job descriptions.


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