Post- July 4th…Pre- National Beer Day

After a huge weekend at NCB, things were a bit slower at the brewery last week. A combination of poor weather and Stockholm residents going on long summer vacations meant a slower week for the bar and restaurant.

Nevertheless, we were still quite busy inside the brewery! Monday was all about break down and feedback from our Fourth of July party. All of the feedback we got – from Brooklyn and Carlsberg, guests and fellow brewers was extremely positive! The Fourth of July party went off without a hitch and ended with a (literal) bang.

On Tuesday we visited all of our customers who sell big quantities of our beer in the summer to make sure they have everything they need from us to have a successful summer. We made sure all of the keg lines had been cleaned so the beer tasted the way it should and that they had good signage and visibility.  While out on these checkups we were promoting our Ölets Dag (Swedish National Beer Day) event. This event will start late on Tuesday night when we begin to smoke the brisket and ribs from the US throughout the night with our Grillstock friends. We will start serving around 2pm until 10pm!

On Wednesday, Steve and I headed to IKEA and bought 25,000 SEK worth of stuff of our office! In the past, the office was a bit of a mess with merchandise all over the place. With new shelves and desks, we were able to organize all of the merchandise and signage that we use to promote the Brewery. The office now has a proper set up for conferences and meetings when we have visitors from Brooklyn, Carlsberg and other Swedish craft breweries that we collaborate with.

The latter part of the week focused on getting ready for next weeks Beer Day event. With the weather forecast unclear, we have to be prepared with an event tent. We went down to Nynashamn to collect 30 sacks of oak wood for the smokers that have been drying and seasoning for 2 years.  The end of the week was concerned with making sure everything is in order for our Beer Day BBQ.

Friday morning was more of the same, with a tour in the afternoon. I led a private tour and tasting Friday evening with newly graduated Hobart student Steve Klementowski ’15.



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