Stockholm Pride

Stockholm Pride Week took place last week. Here at the brewery, we had a unique way of showing our support!

On Monday, I stopped by our local theater lighting store to pick up some pride colored light filters. Then, after placing the light filters in the light bays on the façade of the brewery, our very own Pride flag was ready to be seen from all around Hammarby Sjöstad.

As the brewers got back from their summer vacations last Monday it was time to get production back up and running at full steam. We brewed all week and had our biggest filling day ever.

On Thursday, filling commenced at 7am and didn’t finish until 7pm. We filled a double batch of our prized Amber Ale (about 8000 liters). We filled 16 palates with about 60 boxes on each. After taking some cases out for quality control tests, reference, and errors (bottles/boxes that were labeled or filled incorrectly) we packaged 955 cases of beer (24 33cl. bottles).

This week, will be my last week in Stockholm. I will be helping with the brewing all week in hopes of becoming even more familiar with the process so that I can continue brewing at home in the fall. Maybe I will be able to get a gig at a local brewery in the Finger Lakes to compliment my last year at HWS!

On Friday, I will travel to London for the weekend to visit some classic pubs and breweries. Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster, claims that London is the city that changed his life and a major reason for where he is now. Hopefully London’s brewing and beer culture will be equally influential for me and my future.


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